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Educational objetcives

        The objectives of the department are to pursue knowledge, truth, and excellence in a student-centered academic community characterized by shared values, unity of purpose, diversity of opinion, mutual respect and social responsibility. The department is also to educate students with increased active learning and faculty/student interaction, focusing on integration of design, communications, computation, and the understanding of industrial management. The vision of the department is to have a partnership of faculty, staff, students, alumni, government and corporations working together to provide the highest quality of education and to continue building one of the nation's best industrial management program.


        The department was established in 1994. The objective is to provide students with the essential techniques and knowledge to solve problems related to the design and control of organizational systems. Currently, there are twelve faculty members, four professors, one associate professor, six assistant professors and one lecturer. The curricula include a 4-year bachelor program and a master’s program. Besides the above, the department also offered master program for part-time students with extensive working experience. Presently, more than 500 students are enrolled in all programs. 


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