To keep up with economic growth and changes in business environment, our department is dedicated to enhancing our students' abilities in three aspects (planning production system, applying quantitative methods to management, and applying information technology to management) so as to make them brilliant professionals in industrial management who shall meet the manpower requirements of the nation and industry.

To achieve the aforementioned goal, our department provides the following courses:

1. Planning, analysis, design and management of production system: The courses include production management, production system design, introduction to automation, commercial automation, integration of manufacturing and commerce, supply chain management, system simulation and so on. These courses are given to enable students to systematically analyze problems in industrial management.

2. Application of quantitative methods to management and decision makings: The courses include logics, calculus, statistics, managerial mathematics, engineering economics, operational research, statistical analysis, experimental design, quality engineering, reliability analysis, decision making, and so on. These courses are designed to develop students' logical, scientific, and quantitative problem-analyzing and diagnosing abilities in industrial management.

3. Applying information technology to management: The courses include introduction to computer science, business software design and application, web software design, database practice, CAD/CAM, SA/SD, electronic commerce, and so on. These courses are aimed to sharpen students' abilities in developing and applying management information system.

We hope that in the near future, our department will gain competitive advantages in the following five fields: (1) integration of manufacturing and commerce, (2)planning and design of production system, (3) computerized management, (4) quality management, and (5) quantitative management.

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